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Brujah -The Rabble, once a proud Clan of Warrior-Scholars, the Childer of this clan are usually picked from amongst the punks, bikers and mafia in this day and age.  (Note: This page is reflective moreso of the iconoclast Brujah. Look forward to yet another page to cover Individualists/Idealists as well.)

Gangrel -The Outlanders, these rustic Kindred often wander from place to place, finding little interest in politics but usually deeply loyal to the Camarilla Traditions.

Malkavian -The Kooks, these Kindred are often perceived to be insane, but one might do well to take another look before making final judgment.

Nosferatu -The Sewer Rats, these hideous creatures walk in subtlety and shadow, rarely getting directly enmeshed in politics but keeping track of everything. (Note:  This site is under construction).

Toreador -The Degenerates, these hedonists are at the center of almost all social gatherings, putting much importance on their reputations.

Tremere -The Warlocks, more so than any other clan, these wizards follow a strict hierarchy while they work together to spread their influence and power.

Ventrue -The Blue Bloods, these aristocratic and businessmen believe it is their divine right to rule.

Ravnos -The Wanderers, these Kindred love companionship, avoid direct physical confrontation and are masters of deception. Few trust them but even fewer will turn them away, for fear of 'The Treatment'.

Setite -One of the most widely loathed clans in the world, these Kindred are masters of moral and spiritual corruption.

Salubri- Easily recognized by their third eye, it is said that only seven exist at a time and that their main goal in unlife is to reach Golconda.

Assamite-The Assassins, these highly disciplines Kindred hunt Kindred and Kine. Often used as Archons by Justicars and oft times hired by Princes, no clan is more feared.  City Gangrel - These Kindred are the ultimate hunters in the city, most usually found in the concrete jungles of America. 

Daughters of Cacophony -Possibly a bloodline of the Toreador, these Kindred use song to both delight and destroy.

Gaki -Translated from Japanese to English, it means the 'hungry dead' or 'spoiled child'; These Kindred are virtually immune to sunlight in any region of heavy smog.

Giovanni (l)-The Necrophiliacs, though they insist upon a front of respectability, few are more repulsive at heart. Their Childer are all carefully chosen from their mortal family and taught the ways of the necromancer.

Samedi-Believed to be an offshoot of either Clan Nosferatu or Clan Giovanni or a combination of both, these grotesque creatures are often hired as bodyguards or assassins, due to their ability to maim with a touch.

True Brujah-Said to have power over time itself, these descendants of Brujah's other Childer look with hatred and loathing on any of Troile's get. Being very secretive of their identity, if you meet a Kindred that claims to be True Brujah, he probably isn't.

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Home of the Clan Toreador
Le Salon de la Rose


Clan Brujah Homepage. Problem with that?!


Clan Gangrel


!egahpemorhC naivaklaM ehT
Edge of Insanity


Clan Nosferatu Net - Welcome!


Home of the Clan Tremere



VtM - Bloodline: Assamites

Daughters of Cacophony:

Daughters of Cacophony Homepage including online clanbook, Mobile by Night, and third edition rules page...

Followers of Set:





Anarchs Unite!!!!
CLANBOOK: BAALI (Version 1.5)


Sabbat Clans:


Sabbat / Black Hand


Enterance Way

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