Domain of Washington, D.C./Baltimore, "Dark Capital" Universal Venue Style Sheet

Venue Name=====
The Camarilla Sanctioned Live Action Roleplaying Games of Washington, DC (VA D-02)

This VSS contains rules applicable to all DST-sponsored games in this Domain.

Wade Racine, DST,

Game times and locations vary.
All game announcements are posted on (as well as other appropriate lists) a few days before the game. Each game announcement also has the game site in CAPITAL letters in the first paragraph, projected weather (when playing outside), and possibly a game preview.

Driving directions for each game are posted with each individual game announcement.
For public transportation, consult the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority Other connecting transit options can also be found at

Theme and mood will vary by venue, but are based on regular surveys of the domain’s players.

Character Restrictions=====
Out-of-Domain Players: Any character requiring High-level or higher approval for character type or any character requiring High-level or higher approval for other items, powers, etc., requires prior approval from the Presiding Storyteller of each game to participate. Players showing up at a game with such characters who have not received prior approval may not be allowed to participate with those characters or may be told they may participate only without their High approval items.. For prior approval, e-mail or mail a copy of the current character sheet, experience point log, all items and character background (if completed) to the Presiding ST. If mailed, the copy must have all required Storyteller signatures (CST, DST, RST, etc.) or an acceptable substitute (such as a verifiable e-mail). If e-mailed, the message must be cc'd to the people who would have signed a hardcopy (or designated e-mail representative of those people). Mail characters for approval to 109-E Watkins Mill Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. For e-mail, send them to (attachments allowed only if they are Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, otherwise put the information in the message text). You may also send them to the Presiding STs of each individual game, as stated in those Venue Style Sheets.

Domain of D.C. Players: So long as your character is approved by your CST (or the DST if you do not have a CST) and at all other necessary levels, I do not need prior notice for your characters.
All Players: The Presiding Storyteller reserves the right to disallow a character to participate if that character directly contradicts the theme/mood of the game, or otherwise is incompatible with the game and/or setting. The Presiding Storyteller makes such determinations at his discretion. An explanation will be given why the PC is not being allowed into the game. The player will be provided an opportunity to make up another character on the spot that is compatible with the game.

Downtime Roleplaying: A balanced amount of non-game interpersonal roleplay is encouraged to add to character depth, but players are advised to not do anything drastic or that would require Storyteller intervention while doing small group roleplaying outside of a formal game. While such small group roleplaying does not ordinarily count for experience, it will help make the characters more three-dimensional, and I will award characters that achieve greater depth with more experience if it becomes apparent at games. Players from D.C. who wish to obtain this extra experience must fill out a monthly Downtime Report (DTR) and send it to the appropriate Presiding Storyteller by the last day of the month. Experience awarded for a DTR may not exceed the standard experience point cap. DTR's should include player name and membership number, character name, rank, breed, auspice, and tribe. It must also contain not only what the character has been doing in local downtime, but also a summary of character activity on regional and national/international IC mailing lists, as well as IRC (do not send logs). We play in a global game, and participation in the game outside of our domain improves the game for all members of the club.

Proxy Rules=====
Though proxy play is permitted by the Camarilla rules supplements, proxy characters are discouraged except during special events or for very specific actions that take place outside of regular games, as there are often insufficient staff or members who can run the proxy characters to their fullest. Proxy is only permitted by following the prior approval requirements detailed in "character restrictions," above (this applies to all proxied characters, regardless of any approval levels).

Domain Storytelling Geographical Boundaries=====
This VSS covers all sanctioned Camarilla game activity in the following places (based on the U.S. Census Bureau definition of the Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area of Washington-Baltimore):
District of Columbia
Maryland (select counties as follows): Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore (city), Calvert, Carrol, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s, Talbot and Washington counties.
Virginia (select counties as follows): Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Fairfax (city), Falls Church (city), Fauquier, Loudoun, Manassas, Manassas Park (city) and Prince William counties.
Chesapeake Bay: areas contiguous to the above locations.

Subsidiary Venues=====
There are games within the above boundaries that are not run by the domain. The Presiding Storytellers of those games use the rules of this VSS unless otherwise stated in their own VSSs. The impact of subsidiary games may be limited to specific geographical areas, venues, or other boundaries if their impact would adversely affect the domain’s chronicle as a whole. Without exception, no NPC from another venue, particularly antagonists not native to the venue, may be used without the express consent of the Domain Storyteller or his designated staff members. This is done primarily to maintain continuity and to avoid adverse impact on other venues.

Travel Risks=====
Travel into the area is not without risks, but the risks may be specific to each venue and the travel methods used. Consult the VSS for each venue for specific risks.

There are no special rules for challenges beyond those in the authorized Mind’s Eye Theater books and the current versions of the Camarilla Supplements (with clarifications and addenda as posted on the national web site). On special occasions, we may abbreviate challenges (such as in a large combat) by disallowing retests, scripting combat, using probability calculations or even rolling dice. This will be done only in the interests of speeding up the game and/or enhancing critical roleplaying. In any circumstances where a character's life is on the line, the full rules will be used, regardless of the desire to speed up the game, unless the player waives this clause.

Player Advisory=====
The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Presiding Storytellers in a venue will use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" material. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If, at any time, a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller. The Storyteller will either tone down scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene without penalty in or out of character, adjusting continuity as necessary. The goal of our games is to have a good time, bringing the World of Darkness to life as much as possible, but keeping the sensibilities and comfort of all players in mind, so that all can participate.

Domain Storyteller=====
Name: Wade Racine
Title: Domain Storyteller, Domain of Washington, D.C./Baltimore
Address: 109-E Watkins Mill Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Phone: (unlisted; provided to STs only)
Passed Thespis (y/n): Yes.

Game styles for domain run events are based on player preference polls.

We seek to provide a wide variety of game themes, and therefore a wide variety of antagonists are possible. The DST reserves the right to give verbal permission to the Presiding Storyteller for the use of mid-level approval NPCs at games within the Domain.

Venue rules=====
Each venue may have its own clarifications and additional rules, as allowed by the approved MET books and the Camarilla supplements.

Crossover: With the exception of third-party crossover via influences, no crossover play is permitted involving player-characters without the express prior permission of the Domain Storyteller. Note that this does not mean that the player will be informed of the crossover before it happens (as that would ruin the element of surprise in some cases). Players should be aware that if their characters are actively seeking out supernatural creatures from other active venues, that they will be considered them to be open to crossover contact by player-characters from that venue at any time, including downtime (again, subject to prior approval by the DST).

Visiting Character/Plot Policy=====
Outside plots will not intrude upon this game unless they receive prior approval from the DST.

Plots will not cross venues without the approval of the DST.

Visiting characters must follow the restrictions given in the player's information section. Since these game focus on those characters who are regular participants, visiting characters may find they have little to do unless they have a very good rationale for being there. "Deciding to just show up for a visit," is not necessarily a good rationale, but players who actively participate will have a greater chance of satisfaction. Visitors are encouraged, and regular visitors even more so. Players who are visiting should contact the Presiding Storyteller prior to the game in order to establish a good reason for the in-character visit. Large events and in-character calls for assistance are always good reasons for a visit.

Players portraying character types that are the “underclass” in their venues in the World of Darkness (unaccompanied ghouls, unreleased progeny, lone Garou cubs, etc.) will probably not be well received. Players of such characters from outside the domain should be aware that their characters will, at best, be relegated to "sit in the corner" for most games and, at worst, face the strong possibility of death.

Venue Style Ratings=====
These ratings vary by particular game