Dear Friends!

General Information in English about the SCA are available on the Drachenwald Homepage.

Here are some informations about us and our shire:

Ad Flumen Caerulum is the part of Austria surrounding the Danube.

If you, by chance watched the New-Year-Concert from Vienna On the Beautiful Blue Danube by Strauss was played. This waltz is one of the best known in the world and one of two pieces danced by a ballet and also one of the only two pieces played at every New-Year-Concert from the goldenen Musikvereinssaal in Vienna. From this waltz we took our name: on the blue river. This area is one rich in historic events, including the birth of a nation at 996 in Neuhofen at the Ybbs, not far from the Danube. There, the name Ostarichi for Austria was first documented.

Nearly all of our members (around 5 paying and a few more attending very infrequent meetings) are living and working in Vienna, allthough we come from all over Austria. I, for example, come from Carinthia, the southern most province of the country. The A&S Minister comes from Tyrol, and our Herald comes from Vienna.

Two of the symbols for Vienna and it's surrounding area did find entrance in our device. It includes, beside the blue river (as a bend wavy , azur) a white Stallion, salient, taken from the famous Spanish Ridingschool in Vienna, on a golden shield. Gold being one of the Imperial Austrian colors. The official description is: Or, on a bend wavy azure, between two laurel wreths vert, a horse salient palewise argent.

We are a tiny dot of Known Land in the vast sea of uncharted lands in the south-east of Drachenwald. The nearest groups are a Stronghold in Italy and a shire in Germany, both more than 400 miles away. We also have some tentative contacts to Czechia, Slovakia and Slovenia. We exist now for about four years.

At the moment our main function is to provide information to a growing community of Live role players, where we hope to find new members for the SCA. To us, people come for patterns of the various usefull things and recipies for cooking more authentic food at fantasy or historised Live-roleplays. My personal interest lies in cooking and horseback-riding in both my lives. We do start to have enough armour for practice fights and we have a Knight willing to teach. We have some Archers and meet from time to time to work on our various Projects.

My persona, Lady Katharina Woinovic, is born somewere on the Balkan. Her father is supposedly a bastard brother of Stefan Duschan one of the last big Serbian Kings of the house of Nemaija. He had to flee after some differences with the king and went to the Duchy of Carinthia. There Katharina was raised and learned to read, to write a little, cooking, a bit about horses and hounds, herbalism and a bit of leechcraft.

For more informations please contact

Susan Mayer (aka Lady Katharina Woinovic)
Pouthongasse 5 / 2 / 9
A-1150 Vienna, Austria, Europe
+ 43/1/985 75 58

or Markus Baur (aka Markus von Brixlegg)
Karl Löweg. 10/15
A-1120 Wien
+43/1/810 83 36
e-mail: [email protected]