Atlas does not offer food service during events. Players and staff are encouraged to bring food for the weekend. All food must be kept in the centrally-located Adventurer's Club/Theater building. This building has a separate player food area with tables set up for your group's food. No food is allowed in sleeping cabins or in any building other than the Adventurer's Club & Theater at any time. This policy is in accordance with health codes for the site, and prevents animals from damaging site buildings. Violation of this policy is a serious offense, and could result in expulsion from the game (as well as the loss of our site privileges). We regret any inconvenience to the players or staff, but we think you will find it enjoyable to gather in a central area for meals.

Players may bring conveniences such as coffee-makers, electric griddles, and crock-pots to the site. Plug these into the outlets in the player food area of the Adventurer's Club & Theater. You may want to bring extension cords or power strips for convenience. Please do not leave any cooking devices on overnight.

The town of Sharon has a large grocery store and several restaurants for your convenience.

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