Site Overview

Atlas runs on Camp Lincoln in Kingston, NH. The site has great accommodations. Maintaining an excellent relationship with the camp staff and owners is a top priority for our game. All Atlas players and staff are expected to treat the camp facilities with the utmost care and respect. Never damage, deface, or otherwise harm campsite buildings or facilities. In specific, never staple, staplegun, nail, duct tape or otherwise affix anything to building interiors or exteriors. You may only use push-pins to affix decorations to buildings.

Atlas is also committed to environmental responsibility. Littering, damaging or defacing property or grounds, or otherwise harming the natural environment of the site is strictly prohibited. Please report any problems promptly to a member of the Atlas Campaign Staff.

Use of drugs or alcohol on the site or while participating in the game is strictly prohibited, and is grounds for expulsion from the game.

Copyright © 2003 Atlas Adventures. All rights reserved. Reproduction is forbidden without express written permission from Atlas Adventures.