Atlas Adventures has moved to a new site in Kingston, NH. This is just over the border between MA and NH, north of the Haverhill, MA area. There is easy access via Rt. 495. Directions to the site are posted, but we haven't yet updated the detailed camp information. We'll do that soon. Come join us at this beautiful new site!


Welcome to Atlas Adventures, a live action role-playing (LARP) game of high adventure, exploration, and mystery! Atlas is set in 1911 Morocco, in a familiar yet fictional version of our world. Atlas Adventures will run for three years, from April 2003 through November 2005. We welcome new players at any time!

This web site includes all the information and tools you need to play Atlas. You'll find complete rules, skills, world history and information, and campsite and logistics information on this site. You can register, pay for membership, order a printed campaign book, and buy ActionBall spring guns and ammo here. You can even create your character online with our Online Character Generator! After events, you can send your PEL through this site, check your stats and update your character online, too.

If you are new to LARPing, welcome! It is our goal to make this one of the most fun experiences you’ve ever had. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call contact the Atlas staff directly. Click on the Contact Info quick link below to get in touch with us.

If you aren’t new to LARPing but you are new to Atlas and to the nTeraction rules system, thanks for trying us out! You’ll probably notice some differences from other games you’ve played. The biggest one will likely be that we keep everything in-game, all the time. You’ll never see, hear or talk to someone at an event who is not part of the game and in-character - except during shut-down hours late at night, when everyone gets a break! This might take a little getting used-to, but we think this greatly improves the atmosphere of the game. We hope you enjoy it!

If you’re a returning Atlas player, welcome back! Take a look through the site to find out who you want to be in the new world. Have fun writing yourself into the world you dreamed up! Your gear and treasure don’t transfer from the old game to the new, but your memories and some of your CP do!

Throughout this world information on this site, you’ll see symbols that indicate information of particular interest to either new players or returning players. There are within the text that appears when you click on world info topics in the menu. All players are encouraged to real all sections of this site. However, you should pay special attention to the sections that apply to you.

NP: New Player
This information is geared toward players who did not play Atlas Agenda (our previous game), or who are new to live action role-playing.

RP: Returning Player
This information is geared toward players who played Atlas Agenda.

See you all soon!

Kara Minotti Becker, Campaign Director
On behalf of the Atlas Adventures Campaign Staff

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