Check-in and Check-out

Check-In opens at approximately 7 pm on Friday night and is held in the Adventurer's Club & Theater. All players must register at Check-In before playing, even if you have paid and already have your character card. If you do not check in, you will not receive CP for the event, even if you paid. At Check-In, you may:

You should also inform the Check-In staff which sleeping cabin you or your group has chosen. We can then inform your arriving friends where to find you.

You may not update your character skills at Check-In. All skill updates must be done between events through our online character generator, or by contacting us directly. For more information, see Character Update in this section.

New Players: We recommend that new players create a character in advance online. However, new players who have not done so may create a character at Check-In. An Atlas staff member will be there to assist you. You can also talk to the Atlas New Player Liaison at Check-In, who is there to answer all your questions and get you acquainted with the game, site, players and staff.

Late Check-In
If you arrive at the site after Check-In is closed, but game has not yet started, unload your belongings as quickly as possible and come to HQ. HQ is the main staff building, and is found at the top of the paved path on the left-hand side of the campsite. Please knock on the door to HQ and ask to be checked-in. A staff member will assist you.

If you arrive at the site after game has started, do not drive your car onto site. Park in a lot marked with Atlas signs, unload and carry your belongings onto site. If you are not in costume, try to be discreet and avoid disrupting other players. Come to HQ, be sure to knock and announce that you are a player, and ask to be checked-in.

After the close of game, Check-Out is held in the Adventurer's Club & Theater. Please turn in your character card and all yellow-tagged items. Yellow-tagged items will be returned to you at Check-In of the next event.

If you need to leave an event early, you can give your character card and any yellow-tagged items to a friend to be turned in at Check-Out. If this is not possible, you may come to HQ to turn in your card and items.

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