Players must clean up their sleeping cabins before departing the site. This includes:

Players who do not leave their cabin in proper condition may not be awarded CP for the event.

Players are welcome to join the staff in cleaning up the entire site after an event. All players who participate in general site cleanup (in addition to cleaning your own cabin) will be awarded .5 CP. To earn this CP, you must register with the Clean Up Coordinator at the close of the event, so we know to give you your CP. You must also stay until the Coordinator says general cleanup is complete. If you do not stay until then, you will not be awarded cleanup CP. Site cleanup usually takes 1-2 hours. We are very grateful for all help we receive with cleanup.

Usually, the Atlas staff remains on site another 1-2 hours after general cleanup is finished, to see to final site details. Any player who remains on site to help the staff until we actually leave will be awarded an additional .5 CP.

It is our goal to leave the site in better condition than we found it; we appreciate your assistance in helping achieve this goal.

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