Event and Membership Costs

Atlas Adventures costs $70.00 for a weekend event. There is no discount for registering in advance.

Atlas Adventures membership costs $25.00 for the year. This fee is used for insurance and overhead for the game. Campaign Books are not included in the cost of membership. All players and staff must purchase membership each year to participate in Atlas. Membership is due before the first event you play each year, unless you are playing your first event (see below). You may pay for membership when you register for an event. If you purchase membership after June (for example, if your first event for the year is our September event), membership costs $10, to cover the Fall season.

New Players: Any new player or staff person may participate in one Atlas event without paying for membership. This is so you can try the game out without paying membership for the year. In this case, you will be asked to pay membership at your second event.

See the section entitled Getting a Campaign Book for information on how to purchase a Campaign Book. Or view the full Campaign Book online.

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