Earning Character Points

Beyond receiving starting CP and Character History CP, players earn CP by playing events, helping with cleanup, submitting PELs, donating props, and helping with game-related tasks.

Thus, for each event you play, you can earn a maximum of 2.5 CP

For donating props and helping with game-related tasks, you earn a variable amount of CP determined by the Atlas staff. This is called Additional CP. There is no limit to the amount of CP you can earn this way, but you can only spend a maximum of 10 Additional CP per year, 5 CP per season (Atlas game years are divided into Spring and Fall seasons). Opportunities to earn CP are posted on the Atlas Adventures Yahoo!Groups email list.

Additional CP you have earned but cannot spend in a given year will roll over to the next year.

Remember, you can earn 1 CP for submitting your character history at any time (you must turn it in at least two weeks before an event to get credit toward that event). If you turn your history in at least two weeks before your first event, you will earn 2 CP.

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