Getting Gear

To order ActionBall ammunition, spring guns, and boffer weapons, contact:

The Adventurer's Outlet
[email protected]

(9 am to 6 pm)

A picture of the guns offered by the Adventurer's Outlet can be found here. Clockwise from top: cherry rife, basic spring gun, deluxe spring gun, wild west spring gun.

We also use the PayPal secure payment system.

Spring Gun -- $30

Spring Gun Pair -- $55

Deluxe Spring Gun -- $65

Wild West Spring Gun -- $60

ActionBall Rifle (pine) -- $95

ActionBall Rifle (Cherry) -- $115

ActionBall 50 Pack -- $15

ActionBall ammunition costs $15 for a pack of 50
ActionBall spring guns cost $30, or 2 for $55
Boffer weapons cost between $20 to $50, depending on the weapon

Please see the Gear section for more information about weapons and gear approved for use at Atlas Adventures.

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