Opening and Closing

Out-of-Game Opening
Before we begin any event, Atlas holds an out-of-game Opening meeting in the Adventurer's Club & Theater, where players and staff can hear special announcements, rules clarifications, and important information for that event. Out-of-game Opening is usually held at 9 pm, or about an hour before in-game Opening; you can also ask the Check-In staff when out-of-game Opening will be held. We recommend that all players and staff attend out-of-game Opening.

New Players: Be sure to attend out-of-game Opening at your first event. This will help you get familiar with the game and your surroundings. If you are not sure where to go or when it will be, as the New Player Liaison at Check-In.

In-Game Opening
The official in-game Opening of Atlas Adventures is scheduled for 10 pm Friday night. After the official start time of the game, players and staff must be in character. Any special instructions or delays for in-game Opening will be announced at out-of-game Opening, and at Check-In.

New Players: At Atlas, the official in-game Opening of the game may or may not be accompanied by a specific event. Sometimes players will be asked to assemble at a location for the start of game, while other times players may simply assume their characters as of the official start time.

Close of Game
Game ends at 1 pm on Sunday, unless otherwise announced.

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