Premier Designs Historic Clothing
First-rate costuming resource. Professionally made turn-of-the-20th -century clothing, very reasonably priced. Period shirts, pants, vests, coats, skirts, and all accessories. Ignore the "Victorian" designation - all these styles are appropriate for the game. Shop online.

The Garment District
Boston, MA
Covers about anything you'd need for general costuming. An enormous second-hand store.

Army-Navy Surplus Stores, Military Supply Catalogs
Look for one in your local Yellow Pages or on the Internet
Military, explorer, safari, outdoor looks.

Hunting/Outdoors Stores and Catalogs
American west, explorer and outdoor looks. Also, holsters, belts, bags and accessories. Shop online, but the online store is hard to navigate. Request a free catalog on the site and shop from that.

Salvation Army
Look for one in your local Yellow Pages
General costuming.

Vintage Clothing/Second Hand Stores
Look for one in your local Yellow Pages
General costuming.

The Gap, Banana Republic, etc.
Safari and explorer looks.

Department Stores (Filene's, Macy's, Lord and Taylor, etc.)
General Costuming.

Fabric Place, JoAnn Fabric
Major New England chains
General fabric stores. Fabric for costumes and decorations.

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