Etiquette Rules

Abusive Behavior
The first rule of Etiquette in the nTeraction Core Rules is that abusive or derogatory language or actions are not tolerated, whether they are in-game or not. For Atlas Adventures, we wish to specifically stress that the following, whether by action or reference, will not be tolerated:

You may not include any of these concepts in your character history, nor may you make reference in-game to any of them. Although Atlas Adventures is set in 1911, it is not to be inferred that commonly-held derogatory beliefs of the time are in any way included in the game. These things simply do not exist in the Atlas game world, regardless of "real world history." If you violate these rules, you may be immediately expelled from the game.

In general, please limit your use of colorful language to terms allowed on the radio.

Please see the Game World section for more information on religion, history and other in-game aspects of the world.

Staff members are held to a stricter version of this rule.

Bathroom Facilities
For your convenience, bathroom facilities are considered off-limits for storylines. This means that you will never be attacked in a bathroom facility. However, you may not hide from attack in a bathroom, nor may you attack anyone using the facilities. Bathrooms are not out-of-game; there is simply no creature, no matter how hideous, ill-mannered enough to attack their foe in a lavatory.

Good Sportsmanship
LARP games are, by nature, fun and exciting, but can also be stressful. The combination of fatigue, emotion and (often) lack of sustenance can sometimes be physically and mentally taxing. We ask all participants to keep this in mind, and to be aware of their own limits. In specific, make sure you are able to maintain good sportsmanship at all times - during that brutal battle as well as that tense role-playing session. Players and staff must be careful to ensure that they can maintain safety, fairness and fun for themselves and those around them. If you need to take a break, take it.

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