Metagaming Policy

As stated in the nTeraction Core Rules:

You are always in-game, even if your character is unconscious, dead, or affected by a game condition which incapacitates you. Your spirit still remains with you, and it can experience the game world around you. You do not need to pretend you did not experience the game even under these conditions. If your eyes are closed then you might not see what is going on, but you will remember everything you hear, smell, and feel. If you are lying unconscious or dead, or affected by the Stun effect, you must close your eyes.

Therefore, there is no rule against "metagaming," or using knowledge of events that occurred while your character is unconscious, dead or otherwise incapacitated. Because of nTeraction rules, metagaming does not exist in Atlas.

If you learn information pertinent to the game at a time when you are not in-character, such as when you are not at an event, there is no rule against using that knowledge in-character. It is up to you whether to use such information or not. Keep in mind that if you choose to go out-of-character during shut-down hours at an event, anything you say which is overheard may be used in-game, at the discretion of the person who heard you. Staff members are held to a stricter version of this rule.

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