Shut Down Hours

Atlas shut-down hours are between 3 am and 10 am. These hours are intended for players and staff to relax, sleep, and generally wind down from the excitement of playing. Players are invited to continue role-playing with their friends, but no storylines will run between these hours. We realize, though, that it can be exhausting to stay in-character all the time. Players may also choose to go out-of-character during shut-down hours, but may only do so in the privacy of their sleeping cabins, and only if they are not disturbing other players, especially those staying in that cabin. Before the event begins obtain permission to go out-of-game during shut-down from all players staying in your cabin (be sure to ask your own friends as well as other players). Once you reach shut-down time, you must use a special phrase, "May I speak frankly?", to indicate that you wish to go out-of-game. If any player says no, you must continue role-playing. Remember, if you are in a public area during shut-down hours, you must stay in-character. Likewise, if other players enter your cabin during shut-down and you are not in-character, you must go back into character. You may never disrupt another player's role-playing, no matter what time it is.

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