The Theory of nTeraction

nTeraction games stress an "all in-game, all the time" approach. At Atlas, we design game mechanics, storyline, props and everything else to enhance in-game atmosphere as much as possible, and to interfere with players' role-playing as little as possible. We ask you, likewise, to help us maintain the setting and atmosphere of our game by staying in-game at all times, role-playing your best, fighting safely, fairly and with good sportsmanship, and following all rules, policies and guidelines. If you do not stay in-character during events, you will be warned out-of-game, and you may find that there are in-game consequences as well. If you continue to disrupt the role-playing environment, you may be asked to leave the game.

All players and staff must follow all nTeraction Core Rules during the game. If you are unsure about a rule or skill, refer to the Campaign Book (which we recommend you bring with you to events), or discreetly ask a friend or staff member to explain it to you. Try not to disrupt other players' role-playing when doing so.

New Players: If you are unsure about a rule or skill, you may always ask the New Player Liaison, who will frequently play a friendly character during events for just this purpose. Discreetly ask this character for a Clarification.

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