In Puerto de Maio there are a multitude of different cultures, professions and personalities. Those who have come to the area include researchers, fortune hunters, soldiers, journalists, engineers, tourists, professors and students, spiritualists, diplomats, traders, entertainers, investigators, hunters, wealthy dilettantes, savages, physicians, explorers - and a thousand more.

The countries most heavily represented in Puerto de Maio are Britain, France, Spain, America and Germany - although certainly, travelers from any foreign land might be there as well. Many mainland Moroccans have recently arrived, as well. Native Berber tribes people are known to inhabit the island, but their ways are usually introverted if not downright secretive.

What brings people to this land? You're likely to hear a different answer from just about every person you meet. Perhaps it is the University Consortium, the Clocktower, the Locus, Egyptian crypts, spirits, adventure, glory, fame, riches, pure curiosity, or reasons kept hidden from prying eyes. Drawn by the mystery of the Orient, the adventure of new land, exploration of uncharted territory of every kind, people from around the world have crammed onto steamships bound for the island.

Notes: You may not start the game as part of any existing group or association, such as the University Consortium or any group listed in the Groups section of this chapter. You may also not be acquainted with anyone listed in the Personalities section of this chapter.

Your character may be from any country in the world; however, storylines and adventures are not likely to be based on countries other than those listed above.

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