Among the population of Puerto de Maio are numerous low-level employees of the North West Africa Trading Company, commonly called "porters". Porters always wear signature straw hats with a long sash, and can be seen bustling about the town making deliveries, running errands, or going to and from the railway works outside town. Please do not interrupt them, or impede their work.

There is no character race other than human in Atlas Adventures. There may be unusual wildlife found in the area surrounding Puerto de Maio, but such creatures are not available for player characters.

In modern times, gin has been found to be a remarkably useful and versatile substance. In addition to its popularity as a social drink, it is currently known best for enhancing battlefield prowess before a battle, and aiding in healing afterward. Ongoing research promises to uncover even more uses for this innocuous agent.

All the best known premium gins are British in origin, and have been exported in bottles since 1840. As more uses for this spirit have been discovered, many others have begun distilling it, but most of these efforts result in questionably palatable gin imparting only intoxication and no medicinal or other properties. Fine gin is now a precious commodity, and is relatively rare in remote places such as Puerto de Maio.

Note: The gin required to use certain skills is an in-game commodity and must be found or purchased at events. Players do not need a tag for "regular" gin, which is simply a beverage and has no in-game effect unless a player chooses to role-play intoxication.

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