SoV Changeling LARP

Venue Information
Venue Storyteller: Chris Pitts [[email protected]]
Sponsoring City: Chattanooga, TN
Sponsoring Chapter: Bitter Harvest
Sponsoring Venue's Website:

Ruler: Count Darius (Chris Cochrane [[email protected]])

Ruled by the Gwydion Count Darius, the Duchy of Appalachia's Irontrod County (Chattanooga, TN) lies close to the Duchy of Appalachia and the Echota Council Lands of the Nunnehi. With a wasteland at its heart and ravagings by a great dragon who was released at the awakening (and subsequent death) of the Lost One who was Count of the lands when they were of Tir Nan Og before the Shattering, Irontrod has had... interesting times.

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