SoV Changeling LARP

Venue Information
Venue Storyteller: SE RST George Galang [[email protected]]
Sponsoring City: NA (at 40 miles, Pensacola is closest)
Sponsoring Chapter: NA
Sponsoring Venue's Website: NA

Ruler: Unknown (contact SE RST [[email protected]])

In late 1999, Duke Durask of the KIngdom of Burning Sands fled his lands and apparently died in the city of Mobile, Alabama, home of the first Mardi Gras in the New World. A strange Winter and killing freeze settled over both the Chimerical and mundane aspects of that Autumn World city, driving balefires away and sparking strange chimerical nervosa and nocnista.

The worst of the killing cold departed after Fiona Sidhe Duke Aodhan Nought and his companion, Redcap Sir Rugby, encountered some vastly powerful personality in early 2000; Duke Nought reported that he thought that it was stronger than a Lost One of the Fae. In 2001 the supernatural cold returned, though not as strong.

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