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"What has he done, this young man one meets everywhere? Oh yes, he talks well, but what has he done? He has written nothing, he does not sing, or paint, or act--he does nothing but talk."
- Helena Modjeska on Oscar Wilde.

We all change as we wander down the river of time and place. As I write this I am by vocation a sometime poet and trickster storyteller, by academic training I have a university baccalaureate in biology with a few graduate courses in English, and by profession I am an environmental, safety and health manager with twenty years of civilian and military experience in training, toxicology, personal protective equipment, and hazardous materials emergency spill response. And, of course, I dabble in many hobbies.

We are all contradictory creatures. I enjoy networking my friends, but prefer to avoid leadership positions in my hobbies - even though I have often held them. I am a terrible flirt, but was married for over a dozen years to Lady K, with whom I am still deeply in love. I am a hedonist, but eschew recreational drugs other than caffiene, nicotine, and alcohol. I move every few years and have lived in several countries in Asia and North America, but we have currently settled near the lands of southern Appalachia where my family established themselves in the 1820s and married into the Cherokee who lived there. But isn't being contradictory all part of being the sometimes sacred, sometimes profane storytellers that make up our tribe of homo sapiens?

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