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May 5, 2001.
The day was a little cloudy, but pleasant. The camera was new. We shot a few pictures in and around Hoover and Vestavia Falls, Alabama. Vestavia Falls is indeed named after the goddess Vesta, as in 'Vestal Virgins.' The model is Kenndra, mine own lady-wife.

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[The Bench] Zephyr
So soft the wood, and quiet zephyr-path
As through the trees it winds its windy way
To brush the hair, or softly trace the lips
And wander on, no longer here to stay.
Foolish Thunderer
Olympus Mons reigns on the world as well
As those beyond, and sees the worlds between
But never understands.

It is the Way of Things. Come and see with me
What follies Jove tries next.

[The Valley]
Terpsichorean Dream
The Muse of choral dance -
Terpsichore - can be a fickle lass.
And if no dancers heed
Her call but one, She is a goddess still,
And Musing, crafts a dreaming partner.
[The Dance]
[Nymph] [The Stair] [Sibyl's Throne]



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