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July 25, 2002.
With Yakdog directing and Naught helping, Darkling Zoe and Miss J joined me for a shoot in Huntsville.

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Daylight leaks in, and sluggishly I surface
from my own dreams into the common dream

and things assume again their proper places
and their accustomed shapes. Into this present

the Past intrudes, in all its dizzing range -
the centuries-old habits of migration

in birds and men, the armies in their legions
all fallen to the sword, and Rome and Carthage,

The trappings of my day also come back:
my voice, my face, my nervousness, my luck.

If only Death, that other waking-up,
would grant me a time free of all memory

of my own name and all that I have been!
If only morning meant oblivion!

- Jorge Luis Borges, transl. by Alastair Reid



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