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June 21, 2003.
Solstice Party at the Villainous Lair - we had a good time with friends.

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Gallery by Glas

[Rural Fae]

[Brokedown Faeries]
Brokedown Faeries

[Rural Fae]
Rural Fae

[Lady K & FalFox]
Lady K & FalFox

[My Engine Roars!]
My Engine Roars!

[Twin Cam Trouble]
Twin Cam Trouble

[The Hicksie Chicks (per Solfox)]
The Hicksie Chicks (per Solfox)

[Up to Trouble]
Up to Trouble


[Moriarty6 & Wicked_Wish]
Moriarty6 & Wicked_Wish

[Mosat & Boonetaltech]
Mosat & Boonetaltech

[FalFox & Wicked_Wish]
FalFox & Wicked_Wish

[Non-LJ Stormchaser]
Non-LJ Stormchaser

[Stormchaser & Aeromancer]
Stormchaser & Aeromancer

[Mystcbrd & Non-LJ Deec]
Mystcbrd & Non-LJ Deec

[Solfox & Mystcbrd]
Solfox & Mystcbrd

[Martin Bliss]
Martin Bliss



[Deec and JCAce22]
Deec and JCAce22

[Cute Couple]
Cute Couple


[Shadrone, God_Magnus, & Mystcbrd]
Shadrone, God_Magnus, & Mystcbrd

[Shadrone, Leliel, God_Magnus, & Mystcbrd]
Shadrone, Leliel, God_Magnus, & Mystcbrd

[Shadrone, Leliel & God_Magnus]
Shadrone, Leliel & God_Magnus

[Solfox, Mystcbrd, & God_Magnus]
Solfox, Mystcbrd, & God_Magnus

[Da Boi & Isis_Ra777]
Da Boi & Isis_Ra777




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