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June 28, 2003.
Metronome; Birmingham, Alabama.

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Gallery by Glas

[Catherine the Great]
Catherine the Great

[Red Spyder & Celeste]
Red Spyder & Celeste

[Fire Trails]
Fire Trails

[Fingers of Flame]
Fingers of Flame

[To Taste the Void]
To Taste the Void


[Delectable DJ SpankMi]
Delectable DJ SpankMi

[D'Hiver Mort]
's D'Hiver Mort


[DJ SpankMi & Radio Phil]
DJ SpankMi & Radio Phil

[DJ SpankMi & Amber]
DJ SpankMi & Amber

[Leliel & Howseman]
& Howseman

[Howseman, Marcus, Leliel]
Howseman, Marcus,

[Leliel & Jeri]
& Jeri

[Leliel, MH, & DJ SpankMi]
, MH, & DJ SpankMi





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