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October 31, 2003.
DJ SpankMi's last Metronome; Birmingham, Alabama.

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[Black Widow and DJ Spankmi]
Black Widow & DJ Spankmi

[The gang's all here]
The gang's all here

[Leliel & Mystcbrd]
Leliel & Mystcbrd


[Drk_ghost & Shadrone]
Drk_ghost & Shadrone

[MH & Tenshihitomi]
MH & Tenshihitomi

[Care for a bite?]
Care for a bite?

Getting Ready Beforehand

[Eyes in which to drown]
Eyes in which to drown


[Tasty bliss]
Tasty bliss

[Leliel & Shadrone]
Leliel & Shadrone


[Who's in charge now?]
Who's in charge now?

[MH & Shadrone]
MH & Shadrone

[Clowning around]
Clowning around

[Leliel & mirror]
Leliel & mirror

[Of what does she think?]
Of what does she think?




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