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November 13, 2003.
Crüxshadows - Birmingham's High Note.

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[Crystal & Leliel]

Rogue wears a halo

Crouched to start

Rachel and her violin

Non-verbal communication

Pointing the way


The lovely Stacy

Rogue sings to Ewigkeit

The band (minus Rogue)

Deception's dance

Many places, many faces

We see the light

Rogue in the audience I

Rogue in the audience II

The booth

Stacy, Chris, and Rachel

With Glas

With Tony

With Leliel

With Mystcbrd & Leliel I

With Mystcbrd & Leliel II

With Leliel

With Leliel

Crystal & Leliel (and Amanda between)

Crystal & Leliel


Crowd (with Ewigkeit & Leliel)



Crystal & Leliel

Glas & Leliel

Leliel & friend

Mystcbrd, Leliel, & Crystal

Mystcbrd, Glas & Leliel


Sam & Ewigkeit

Ewigkeit & KillerCars

Josh & Eleanora (who were at the Atlanta show the night before)

Leliel & Glas




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