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The Scatalogical Poem

I wrote the following sonnet while visiting Seattle during a two-week trip to Vancouver, B.C. At that time I just *knew* that I hadn't a chance in hell of moving to Vancouver... fortunately, I was wrong. I penned this at 2:00 A.M. in Caffe Minnie's, at Broadway and 2nd, if I remember right.

Somnambulistic rantings in Seattle: / Are these my thoughts
and words, or thoughts full sprung / Minerva-like, migraine
born, like cattle / Eventually run, cut, and swung? / How
are these thoughts of mine to be compared? / Once born, twice
slain by words, / Launched from within, without, and shared.
/ Everyone is greeted and given swords. / Is nothing profane?
The Fat and Smiling Prince / Now pisses on his Bo Tree. The
Path is Square / To Enlightenment. Satori rinses / in sullen
drops. The When becomes the Where. / My, but this ranting wave
of words is full / Enough of sound, and grown of meaning dull.

copyright 5 Feb 1994, by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw.

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