[Dream Gate] [Poet Glas]

Betwixt Half-Rimed Iambic Italic and Assonanced Allemanic

The following poems were written while I was taking a graduate-level Shakespeare course that tended more toward critical styles than on Shakespeare, perhaps--and all we studied were the tragedies!

What am I? Deconstructionist?
Have I blurred the bounds between canto and critic?
You would not think I could be so skeptic--
How then? Am I a mystic structuralist,
And do I tend towards being a Romanticist?
Very well. I am neither, waxing lyric,
Enjambed as it were between these koans mystic
And differed. Derridian logic denied, Marxist
Too, I will seek between this Wittgensteinian
Horrific Adam and the knight of Eschenbach;
Eventually I will see the twilight of the critics.
Snakily done, no? In Einsteinian
Insights Kantian antinomies will not lock;
Schrodinger's do. Quantum logographics?

copyright 30 Jan 1991, by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw.

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