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To Ansteorra Again

Amidst a cold Korean winter, longing for friends in the SCA kingdom of Ansteorra, I wrote this Elizabethan sonnet echoing older thoughts and kennings. It was published in the Ansteorran Black Star in March of 1991.

The drakkar's oars are salty, drumming spars,
As near the prow I watch the night arise;
Yet whale-road will not yield me that one star
Whose lands and mighty folk I deeply prize.
My heart longs for the black star's shining spears;
I likewise miss its learn'd tales of old.
To hear again its songs with my own ears,
Would be a gift surpassing rank and gold.
Besotted with these golden memories now,
I chose to seek those lands which once I knew;
I'll seek a ship with homeward destined prow,
And make my sea-path back across the blue.
Fair Ansteorra's now the port I seek,
For life away from her is cold and bleak.

copyright 1 Jul 1990 (AS XXV), by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw

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