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The Huntress (In Praise of Small Breasts)

Why do you think
That big is always better?
Young starlets inflate their egos, twinned;
And yet I agree with three truisms:
- More than a mouthful;
- More than a handful;
- The most interesting is that
Which appears before us.

Let us sing the praises
Of the slimline girls,
Athletic frames
With Flapper bodies.
No Amazonian sacrifice
Is needed
To loose Cupid's arrows into our hearts.

I sing the joy
Of human diversity;
The joyful forest
Of differing form.
I choose the lass
With sleek perfection;
No need for plastic
Or silicone dreams.

copyright 5 May 2000
by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw

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