[Dream Gate] [Poet Glas]

El Duende

El Duende dances to the sound
Of mad flamenco music in the night,
Elf-inspired rapture where the ground
Meets feet in joyous guitar flight.

The player dies. The music takes its toll -
The guitar's chords will come at highest rate;
Flamenco's darkling magic saps the soul
Of love and light, leaving beauty, hate.

What trade is this? The music for the life?
How can it profit those who play the strands
When happiness they trade for guilt and strife?
And yet so many feed those dark demands.

The light-filled music is from darkness born;
Upon rthe guitarist's soul its mark is worn.

copyright 19 July 2000
by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw.

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