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Four-Footed F*ckah (How to Deal With an Unruly Fetch)

From InfoPlease: psy*cho*pomp
Pronunciation: (sI'kO-pomp"), [key] --n. a person who conducts spirits or souls to the other world, as Hermes or Charon.

So leave me like that
As if I don't care
Alone in the world
Well f*ck you, you mutt!

You want to now reach me?
I'll give you my digits -
This one in the middle
Is meant just for you.

I don't need a genius
As worthless as you -
Go chase some poor girl
And don't f*ck with me.

I don't need your hungers
You wicked flame-bringer -
I have just the torch
To give you a greet.

Don't think I don't know
What your schemes cost my life
And I'll let you just know -
It comes out of your hide!

You've broken my heart
And twisted my mind -
You scruffy-tailed bastard!
Don't think I don't know.

Unlike my good friends
I had no real choice -
So screw you, Coyote -
And no kiss for you!

Tobacco is sacred
Or at least to your wish
So f*ck your damn weed
Go choke on its taste!

The God that I chose
Be She Hebrew or Celt
Just doesn't have fleas -
So go take a bath!

And goddesses bide
So why follow you?
You fail as a totem
And f*ck with my friends.

Don't f*ck with my wife
Or mess with the Fox
You lamer with fur
And bad taste galore.

Run *next to me*
You mangy-*ssed dog
But your gray tail end
Is a boring, sad sight.

Don't come around here
Unless you bring help -
And don't lay to waste
My life's wants and goals.

I go my own way
Now that you've left me be -
Let's see what the future
Will bring to us both.

copyright 10 September 2001, Birmingham, AL
by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw

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