[Dream Gate] [Poet Glas]

Filling Hollows, Spinning Straw

For Lady K and Friends Most Dear

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
But that is not I, my eye
Is filled with Wonder and
My head is filled with Love.
Eros, Agape, Philos swirl
About me in a whirlwind.

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom
Remember us -- if at all - not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.
And I have crossed from sunless sea
To once again embrace this life
With hope and sorrow and evermore
The knowledge that all is treasure.
Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom
And Form becomes Motion, with
Wife and friends and those who
Walk the stage in roles of old
And staring past the shadows -
Your sons and daughters were eating and
Drinking wine in the house of their eldest
brother, when suddenly a great wind came
across the desert and smote the four corners
of the house. It fell upon the young people
and they are dead; and I alone have escaped
to tell you."
And yet even then would I be blessed,
For treasures of past and present and
Days yet come have glimmered about
Like fireflies of forgotten summer.
From the fruit of his mouth a man has his fill;
with the yield of his lips he sates himself.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue;
those who make it a friend shall eat its fruit.
He who finds a wife finds happiness;
it is a favor he receives from the LORD.
The Face of the God reflected in Her folk
With beauty and grace and terror;
And blessed am I to be so afflicted
With wonder in my days.
The poor man implores,
but the rich man answers harshly.
Some friends bring ruin on us,
but a true friend is more loyal than a brother.
This is the way the world begins
This is the way the world begins
This is the way the world begins
With wonder and awe and love.

copyright E Glas Durboraw, January 9, 2002

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