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A Gift for the Fox's Birthday

For FalFox

My favorite Fox, I cannot give to you
More than words, and some would say my speech
Is cheap, because my words are rarely few.
I hope it isn't so. For you I reach
Into those depths from which our ancient tongue
Hath sprung, and wrestle with those angels sad
Who guard the gates of Paradise once sung
In arcane tale. And just to make you glad.
That's it, you see: a smile, a nod, a hand,
A word of thanks - these are the payment bright
For which I'd face the fiercest beasts of land
Or sea. Your smile is treasure, in my sight.
Sister-of-my-heart, I give you this:
A simple poem, as gentle as night's kiss.

copyright E Glas Durboraw, November 5, 2001 - Birmingham

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