[Dream Gate] [Poet Glas]

After the Day

Outside it rains
Cool and dark
Like the depths of our souls
And I count not my time
Unique among these folk
For that which troubles me
Troubles all.

No loneliness of mine
Is mine alone,
no pain of soul
A treasured only thing.

And so I claim no role
But Everyman's,
No pain to own
But that of any man's
Or woman's, too.
And yet it is.

My friends are far from me
Tonight, and though my love
Is close, I know not how to reach
To touch her heart, her smile.
But this is not to be unheard
Within the streets of mundane life
And comfort in this I should find.

But were the stars but mine
To draw and then command
Were I wise enow to know just what to do?
And were the heavens at my beck and call
Could I sooth the troubled heart
Or harried mind?

I think not.
And so for friends and love
A blessing I now seek,
And seek to help to set aside
The Atlas-weight I thought
Did bear us down.
I shall mind, and tend, and mend.

copyright October 15, Chattanooga
by Earle B. 'Glas' Durboraw

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