The Gyllene Hjorten (the Golden Deer in English) is one of the oldest LARP-associations in Sweden. It originates from Gävle (a medium sized town by swedish standards on the baltic coast). Gävle is still our seat, but nowadays the there are members and activities at several other places (mostly Uppsala and Stockholm).

During its 17 year history Gyllene Hjorten has defined a live action role-playing style that differs somewhat from most other larpers in sweden. We value the give priority to creating the right atmosphere we do only use materials that would look real in a medieval setting, and therefor we have excluded all form of soft weapons. Instead we use real steel weapons, and we avoid fighting as a consequence. The only form of fighting you will find in the Gyllene Hjorten is well trained and well choreographed, and was planted in the plot for the benefit of the event.

The Gyllene Hjorten also features campaign role-playing. Which means that all our events are set in the imaginary world of Erborigien. Most participants will usually personate the same character on more than one event. They will follow and act the lives of the characters in the imaginary world for a long time, in some cases more than a decade. This creates a continuity in the story and increases the possibility to create a developing role-play.


The Gyllene Hjorten has a broad base in activities, both geographically and to the content. During the year we traditionally use to hold four larger events: Våräventyr (Spring adventure), Midsommarfirande (Midsummer celebration) Höstäventyr (Autumn adventure) and Midvinterblot (Mid-winter feast). Between these we usually have several so called Miniäventyr (Mini-adventure) which are smaller events lasting only a couple of hours.

Beside these events the Gyllene Hjorten have many other activities such as crafts, dance and co-creation of the fantasy world of Erborigien. These activities are held at places where enough members are interested do something together.


The fantasy world of Erborigen has been developed jointly by the members for over a decade. Now the world has reached a high level of detailed description and is very rich in flavor and living history. Erborigien is inspired by the European middle-ages. Different countries and different parts of countries have been inspired by different epochs in European medieaval history. The Vikings, the Normans, 14th century Paris are examples of this. Erborigien also features classical fantasy-phenomena such as magic, elves, dwarves, goblins, gnomes and 'vättar' (orc-like creatures). The time-scale in Erborigien is the same as in the real world, that means that a day in your ordinary life is also a day for our characters. This allows you to grow old with the character if you so wish.


There are huge amounts of printed materials of the Gyllene Hjorten and the fantasy world of Erborigien. Unfortunately none of it is in English. The language of our role-playing events are also Swedish. If you want to have more information of the association please feel free to contact the chairman or one of the editors.


Lennart Egerquist


Tobias Amnell


Peter Engström