Our homeland had grown too small, at least in our thinking, and so we determined to move south to new lands not inhabited by any. We wanted a place in which to build a new land with a new political structure. We went south, looking for a trade route we had only heard of in legend, the D'AgnArr Trade Route, rumored to be guarded by white tigers calling themselves Syrune. Here we found out that legends have basis in fact and picked up several of these larger cousins of ours. We then went as far south as we were able making our way to the coast, and further to a small grouping of three islands. Amazingly enough, the land masses were much the same as our homeland.

We settled down and we grew. After several generations we noted that several offshoots of sarr were appearing. Some had golden markings, some were similar to the cougar with longer legs and similar markings, and there were others. Our mages could only wonder and said it was probably a change in area and possibly mutations brought about by magic.

The land is wonderful but came with new dangers we had not encountered before. Several families on the coast were decimated by fire breathing monstrosities more dragon than man, and not like the lizard men we had run across before. These attacked from the direction of the main land mass as far as we could acertain. Our people have named these things azdarmord. Then there are the Sinsani who have many tails and are full of mischief. The Sinsani are sometimes helpful and sometimes not, depending on their mood.

We have named this new land Jehavra az Darya, or Jewel of the Sea.

The sarr are a felinoid race whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Most say they originated in a northern land, but settlements or outposts have been found as far south as Jahavra, and there are rumors of several lost settlements, some further south and some in the northern climes. One is rumored to be in a place near the barony of Sahde.

The sarr race is separated into 12 clans, of which each clan is separated into tribes or families which will usually live together, depending on which clan, some being more nomadic than others. All sarr have a deep sense of family, putting family first before anything else. Even in the nomadic tribes this is deeply evident, as fanmily units or harems usually travel together.

The race is blood-thirsty, preferring claws or edged weapons over blunt. They have a fierce nature, enjoying a good fight, and will often greet each other in mock combat. They are primarily carnivorous and will usually eat what they have killed in battle. Most sarr also eat small quantities of fruits, vegetables, and bread to balance their diet.

Sarr are color blind and have a heightened sense of smell. Something which smells unpleasant to a human will smell twice as bad to a sarr. They can detect poisons by smell and those few sarr who go adventuring sometimes join on with a group as food testers and or bodyguards. In addition Sarr are resistant to disease.

Sarr animosities towards one another is usually not noted at first. Being patient, a sarr will not forget a wrong done to him or her. A sarr will wait, sometimes years, for just the right moment to get revenge. 'Cat and mouse is a great game as long as you are not the mouse,' goes an old saying.