Vol. XII, no. x, October 2002

       Five evenings of fun are coming up, the annual Walk Through Bethlehem at the Seventh Day Adventist Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.  The dates are December 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 (that's Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), and as I recall it runs from 6 to 9 PM.  For those who have never seen this, it's a village of shops and booths set up a winding narrow street, all indoors, with a full cast of shopkeepers and other locals.  Each evening between 1500 and 2000 public come through to meet Herod (frothingly played by Dick Stenbakken), working their way through the town to the final live manger scene at the end, complete with angels.  We Romans not only serve as real crowd control, but we have the vital task of harrassing, insulting, and generally oppressing each and every visitor, staying in character the whole time.
       Equipment is very basic, armor, helmet, shield, sword, but no pila or packs.  If you want to aim for c. 6 BC (hamata, Coolus or Montefortino helmet, Mainz gladius), that's fine, otherwise the regular segmentata and other mid-first century stuff is fine.  You may wear your helmet crest if you like.  You must Must MUST be dressed, equipped, and in position BEFORE the doors open at 6 PM!  (Remember rush-hour traffic, etc.)  We usually park our gear in Dick's office for the whole week, and change there, but there are bathrooms readily available, too.  There is also space to stash your modern clothes behind the sets.  I'll have a little food and a water bucket there, and you can get a bowl of stew over at the "inn".
       It would be nice to have two to four soldiers each night, so if you would like to participate just pick the evening or evenings that work best for you and let me know.  Directions and more details next month.
       This should also be the year that St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Silver Spring holds its bi-annual Bethlehem Market Place, but I have not gotten any information about that yet.

       Legio XX is pictured on the Central Rappahannock Regional Library website in an article "Local Living History:And You Thought That They Only Wore Gray!", at
       The web site for Moskeytitle LLC is up and can be accessed.  The address is

   November 2 -- Monthly workshop/muster at Roger and JJ Moskey's, 10 to 5.  (A reminder that we're not supposed to bring children to these.  This is primarily but not entirely for safety, so if you want to bring the kids PLEASE check with the Moskeys ahead of time, and keep them out of the basement when the power tools are running.  Thanks!)
   December 7 --Our regular workshop day, will probably run as normal even though we have the Bethlehem gig that evening.
   December 4-5, 7-9 --Walk Through Bethlehem, Seventh Day Adventist Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD
   December ?   Saturnalia?
   February ?  Lupercalia?
Directions to the monthly workshops/musters at Roger Moskey's house: 
       From I-495 Capital Beltway, take Exit 12 B Route 267 Toll Road West towards Dulles Airport.  After paying toll (50 cents), take the first exit--Exit 16 Route 7 Leesburg Pike West for about 11 miles.  Go past Cascades Parkway, and at the next light take a right onto PALISADES Parkway, then an immediate left onto "Triple 7" (Route 777).  Pass Calvary Temple on right, take the next right onto Regina Drive; follow it to the end and take a right onto Markwood Drive.   At stop sign take a left onto Terrie Drive (culdesac).  #304 is just to the right of the middle.  (Actually, I've been taking VA Rt. 193 Georgetown Pike from the Beltway, through Great Falls and up to Rt. 7.  Cuts off some of the Beltway, the toll, and much of awful Rt. 7.)

       What, that's it?  A whole week late and less than two pages??  Yeah, well, I was running a major medieval event last weekend and then I got sick.  Tough it out.

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