Vol. XIV, no. x, October 2004

       Avete!  The November 6 Workshop will be hosted by Matthew and Jane at their home in Laurel, MD.   Runs from 10 AM to 5 PM, casual, open-house.  Bring projects or materials to work on, new toys to show off, etc., etc.  Oh, and remember that the lunch menu will not be as impressive as at the Moskeys' or Campbells'!  We'll try to make sure that no one starves, but feel free to bring supplementary munchies.  (No alcohol, please.)
       For those who haven't been there--  From the Washington Beltway, I-495/95, go North on I-95 towards Baltimore.  Take Exit 33 onto Rt. 198 East towards Laurel.  After about a mile and a half, 198 splits at a Shell station (now the street is called Gorman).  Go another block and turn left at the light at the 7-11 onto 7th Street, Rt. 216 (OR go to the next light and turn left onto 4th St.).  Go straight through the next light (which is for 198 West, Talbot St.) and take the next right onto Carroll.  Number 317 is the last house on the left before the Verizon building.
 From Baltimore and other points north, come down I-95 to Rt. 216 towards Laurel.  Go through 2 traffic lights, then a stop sign, then a couple more blocks and left onto Carroll (just before the next light).

       The holiday season is approaching, and the Legion has been invited again to participate in the Bethlehem Market Place at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Silver Spring, MD.  It is on Friday, December 11 from about 7:30 PM until 9:30 PM, and Saturday the 12th from 1 to 4 PM.  Get there at least 30 minutes before opening so that you have time to get dressed and armored.  We don't need a huge turnout for this--two or three men each day is fine.  Admission for the public is a can of food for charity.
       Please let me know if you want to attend!   St. Luke's needs a list of names for their bulletin.
       There is space to change clothes and a secure area for valuables.  We generally leave our armor there for the duration of the show, to avoid schlepping it back and forth each day.  Basic battle gear, with shields, but NO PILA.  No packs or other gear will be needed, either.  You may wear your crest if you like.  If you want to use earlier gear such as hamata and Mainz swords, that's fine, but at these shows we aren't very strict. It's all indoors, except for the manger scene which we won't be required to man.  (And stay away from that goat, soldier!)  Because of the danger of hobnails on tiled floors, I'll have a roll of brown tape to cover your soles.  There will be a bucket of water and some food, but we really won't need much.  There is none of the usual living history that we do at other events, rather a constant flow of visitors being pulled into the spirit of the first Christmas.  We will either be posted at certain spots or circulating through the crowd, trying to recruit the kids, warning old ladies not to start riots, extorting protection money from the locals, etc.  Don't worry if you use the same lines over and over again, the public will only hear it once.  The crowds come through almost non-stop as soon as the doors open, so BE EARLY to be ready at showtime.
       St. Luke's address is 9100 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD, at the intersection of Colesville Rd./Rt. 29 and Dale Drive (across from Mrs. K's Toll House).  From the Capital Beltway I-495, take Exit 30 onto Rt. 29 South towards Silver Spring, go through the third traffic light at Dale Drive, then turn right at the first street past the church and into the parking lot on the left.  (If you get there early enough, there may be parking space available in the lot between the church and Dale Drive, but it's a small lot!)

       I have not yet been contacted about the much larger Walk Through Bethlehem at the Seventh Day Adventist HQ, but that is usually around the first weekend in December and I expect they'll want us back.  More details on that as I get them.  The same general ideas apply as for the St. Luke's show, though there are more evenings to choose from and the crowds are MUCH bigger.  These shows are always fun!

       The ISPA and the Legionaries and Supporters of Legio VI Ferrata Fidelas Constans formally invite all to their Second Annual Castra Romana, November 11 through 15, 2004.   This event will be held at Givhans State Park in South Carolina, about 20 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina.  There are maps on the website, http://
       Knowing it is a bit of a drive for most, they are pulling out all the stops to make this an experience you will not want to miss, nor ever forget!
       While this event will be advertised and open to the public, their primary goal is to provide a unique experience to the participants.  To this end, a great number of events are planned, which will interest the Roman Reenactor, be they soldier or civilian!  This will include a period smithy, potter, baker, and more.  If you have a unique impression you would like to bring and add, please contact Legio VI.  There is no cost to the participants for any of the events they can participate in or for the encampment itself.  Last year was an outstanding success, and this year will be even better!
       Soldiers will get the opportunity to drill and train with double weighted weapons, pila range, live sword (against a post of course!), in addition to participating in Military Games, a 1.5 mile nature trail road march, guard mount, pay issue, and more.  The highlight of the event will be the Centurios Convivium, a Grande Roman Banquet prepared by their gourmet Roman Chef, and hosted by the Centurio.  The timing of the event allows for the long Veterans Day weekend for units that must travel far.  Average Temperature in November in South Carolina is 70-75 degrees.  In addition there are few if any events on the calendar for that period of time.  Plus the mosquitoes are mostly dead!  Legio VI will be onsite Thursday the 11th to Monday the 15th, but you should try to arrive sometime Thursday or Friday unless you are setting up a special event or station.  Vendors are welcome to set up a display, but we ask that they remain in period as much as possible, and you must contact Legio VIas soon as possible.  There is limited room for vendors, but they will endeavor to accommodate you.   Remember this event is being planned for the participants, so we need you to attend!  Please RSVP justuslonginus AT aol DOT com  by October 1st with firm numbers so they can plan for the feast.  In other words, Call Him Now!  It is their sincerest hope you will plan to attend and be there to celebrate the growth of Roman Living Archeology!
Justus Rustius Longinus
Centurio, Cohrs I
Legio VI FFC
104 Hunters Wood Drive, Summerville, SC 29485 USA

[Quintus notes that this is not an official Legio XX event, but members are encouraged to attend!]

       The Longship Company, in anticipation of the arrival of a new vessel, is selling off their venerable reconstructed Viking ship, Fyrdraca.  Not much Roman relevance, here, though I suppose it could be adapted into a Roman naval river boat.  It's just really cool to sail and row on a ship like this, so I thought I'd help spread the word.  For details,

   Nov. 6 --Monthly Workshop at Matthew and Jane's, details above
   December ? --Probably the Walk Through Bethlehem, at the Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.
   Dec. 11-12 --Bethlehem Market Place, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, MD
   June 3-5 --Roman Days, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD.  Includes visits by school groups on Friday, and possibly a mini-symposium on Thursday.


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