Vol. XIX, no. x, October 2009


    Well, it isn't *quite* that season yet, even if Home Depot has already decked its halls (no joke!), but it's not too late to start penciling things on your calendar.  The Bethlehem Walk at Parkwood Baptist Church in Annandale will be on December 12-13, and they are wondering who will participate.  Please contact Sam Roberts as soon as possible if you want to do that one, samrobertsiii AT cox DOT net.  "We will finalize the times but best that your soldiers show up at 3 p.m. Saturday night and Sunday as well. We have free childcare and dinner for both the kids being cared for and adults working the event."  Sounds like a good deal!

    I don't have dates for the Walk Through Bethlehem at the Seventh Day Adventist HQ yet, but it's usually the first and second weekends in December, with a couple weeknights between.


    The Legion will not be attending the Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival (formerly the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival) this year.  Maybe next year!


Castra Romana in South Carolina November 12-16. has all the details.  Plenty of free primitive and modern camping on the site.  Great food too!  Feast is Saturday night and is $5 for the cook (Soul of the Warrior buys the food).

    Ron Phelps and other guys from Legio IX Hispana in the Norfolk, VA area are carpooling down, if you want to hitch a lift with them.  Contact Ron directly at ronphelps11 AT cox DOT net.


Castra Aestivia V Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada May 29 & 30, 2010 (Memorial Day Weekend)

The event is located just south of Tillsonburg in Ontario which is 2 hours drive from Port Huron or 3 hours from Detroit and about 2.5 hours from Buffalo. The event features military leadership, black smiting, patrols, drill, archery, pilum, sling and rock throwing competitions at a recreated Roman marching camp. For more information contact royals1 AT rogers DOT com


[Quintus notes: Throwing this in for general amusement.  Don't know if they really mean "centurion" or just "legionary", but if you are up for a decidedly non-educational TV gig, call them!]

We are looking for physically fit experts for an on air, in studio expert and for a segment about the Roman Centurion soldier.  The dates of availability are 11/11-11/13/09.  The role is important and we are looking to get these guys in studio or on tape.
We are shooting this SPIKE TV segment in November and are looking for this individual to be able to explain the weapons of this formidable warrior to the television masses.
Please give us a call I have attached some literature along with a link explaining the show itself.
We'd like to thank you in advance for any assistance you may give us now or either in the future.  
Best Regards,
Parker Randal
Casting Producer,
Morningstar  Entertainment
230 W. Ave 26
Los Angles, CA 90031
TEL:323.343.1113 ext. 211
prandal AT morningstarenterainment DOT com
parkerrandal AT gmail DOT com 


   December-- Walk Through Bethlehem, Seventh Day Adventist HQ, White Oak, MD
   December 12-13-- Bethlehem Walk, Parkwood Baptist Church, Annandale, VA
   April 17-18, 2010-- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD


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