Vol. XI, no. i, January 2001

       On February 17 will be the Legion's Lupercalia Party, at the home of Roger and JJ Moskey in Sterling, VA (same place as the workshops).  It's potluck, so ponder a food item that you would like to share and contact Quintus so that he can coordinate things.  Naturally some folks will be whomping up great Roman dishes from Apicius, but if that's beyond your abilities, don't worry, we'll need snacky things and drinks, too. Please leave the children and pets at home for this one.  Classical clothing (not necessarily authentic!) is encouraged but certainly not required.  Presumably it will run from about 5 PM till the last goat is hung, but I'll firm up the details and let you know.
        The Roman festival of Lupercus was held on February 13.  The priests of this sect would run around in goat hide clothing, lashing those they met with goatskin thongs, particular women who were pregnant or trying to become so.  Should be a great party!

      The Legion has been invited to perform at the Maryland Junior Classical League's annual convention on Sunday, March 25.  It will be held at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, MD, and runs from 9 AM to 4 PM (though I'm not sure we have to be there that early).  The Legion will be paid $100 for this, so let's give them a good show.  Contact Quintus as usual.

BOOK SEARCHING by Richard Campbell
       I've noticed that many of the source books mentioned in this list (Roman Army email list) and among reenactors can be difficult to find. Since I've had success at finding two copies of Robinson (I didn't buy both), but still looking for others, I thought I'd share my search techniques and sources, and perhaps get suggestions for others.
       My first search utility for out of print books is, where you can search a large number of used book stores. Not all of them keep their inventory lists up to date, but you can set up an alert that will tell you when a new book shows up. Having an identical agent set up at Alibris, the Robinson book showed up on Abebooks a day earlier.
       I've also had good luck at, where people list their own books for sale. This has turned out for me very well, and while the cheap book rate is slow, all the books have been in good or better condition. You can also set up a wish list as well as a pre-buy order, so that as soon as the book is listed you buy it.
       I just found a copy of John Maddox Robert's "SPQR II" at, which is a college textbook store but also lists used books. This has eluded me at Abebooks, where the cheapest copy was is a $50 hardback, and lately a $125 signed first edition. The ECampus copy was $3.23.
       For general searching, to find as many titles as possible and reviews, Amazon and are both good; I set up wish lists to keep track of what I've been looking for, and as notepads for cutting/pasting into the other search engines.
       The Herculaneum Bookstore is linked to Amazon, but at least keeps a list of related Roman books at "".
       If your company/agency has an account with Fatbrain, shipping is free. You might get lucky and find the book there, but it's mainly a technical bookstore.
       I also search and Curiously, some titles listed as out of print at Amazon will show up in the inventory of the others.
       The other used book listings, Alibris and Bibliofind, seem to cover the same used books stores as Abebooks, but it never hurts to look there as well.
       And in some instances I buy directly from the site bookstores, like Vindolanda's. The bookshop attached to the Bath museum (Aquae Sulis I mean) had a large number of interesting books in addition to all the Jane Austen stuff, but they don't have a site. Perhaps someone should mention that to them. I've searched other British Roman museum sites, but haven't found them generally to be on line. British Heritage is very stuffy about not being  on line: they seem proud of it. There must be German sites, perhaps other European sites, that have online stores, but I don't know of any. Perhaps our European folks would know?
       Those are my sources. I'd certainly like to know what everyone else uses to find books and source material.

       Would you believe our own Dave Michaels has written a novel and gotten it published?  It's called "Red Moon," and is available on  It looks really cool!  Here's a link to the page:
        There is also a new book out called Roman Clothing and Fashion, by AT Croom  (ISBN 0-7524-1469-0).  I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds quite good.

      Just discovered a source for fabulous reproduction Roman glassware: Mark Taylor and David Hill,  Email them at  romanglassmakers @ --- for a catalog, or write to them at Project Workshop, ---

WEST COAST ACTION from Sean Richards, Legio IX Hispana
 Feb 16-17, Long Beach CA--Queen Mary / Scottish Highlands Festival
 June 16-17, Encino CA--Irish Fair, historical timeline
 Jul 7-8. San Pedro CA--Old Ft MacArthur Days, military reenactor timeline, Rome through WWII

        There is yet another new discussion forum on the Net, the Roman Army Talk board, at
        Allison and Richard Campbell have put the initial plans for their tavern, Asellina's Caupona, online as well, at
        For a recent gladiatorial reenactment in London, go to

  February 3 --Monthly Muster/Workshop at the Moskeys', 10 AM to 5  PM.
  February 17 --Feast of Lupercalia at Roger and JJ Moskey's.  Details above.
  March 3 --Monthly Muster.
  March 25 --Legion demo for the Maryland Junior Classical League, Baltimore
  April 7 --Monthly Muster
  April 21-22 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion
  April 28-29 --Universal Soldier, Fort Washington
  June 9-10 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion
  September 2001--Large timeline event in Paris, France.  Contact Bruno Dienot.  (This isn't an official Twentieth Legion event, but
a number of people have expressed interest.)
  October 4-6, 2001--ROMEC XIII at Vindonissa, Switzerland.  For more info, see

Directions to the monthly workshops/musters at Roger Moskey's house: 

 From I-495 Capital Beltway, take Exit 12 B Route 267 Toll Road West towards Dulles Airport.  After paying toll (50 cents), take the first exit--Exit 16 Route 7 Leesburg Pike West for about 11 miles.  Go past Cascades Parkway, and at the next light take a right onto PALISADES Parkway, then an immediate left onto "Triple 7" (Route 777).  Pass Calvary Temple on right, take the next right onto Regina Drive; follow it to the end and take a right onto Markwood Drive.   At stop sign take a left onto Terrie Drive (culdesac).  #304 is just to the right of the middle.
Yes, this issue is REALLY LATE, but I have a very good excuse: I just plain forgot!  Deal with it.
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