Vol. XVI, no. i, January 2006


      This is the party to not miss!  Richard and Allison Campbell (and family!) will again be hosting this unrivaled classical bash on February 18, starting at 5 PM.  Roman food, drinks, and entertainment will be featured.  Classical or Neoclassical clothing or costume is encouraged though not required, but hobnails are forbidden.  Please leave the children home, as well.  To respond or for directions, call 703---, or email richsc AT usa DOT net.  The address is --.  Be aware that Wilson Bridge construction makes the whole area, um, kind of interesting, road-wise.


       Marching Through Time is coming up!  On April 22-23 at Marietta Mansion, the Legion will once again be one of over thirty different historical groups performing for the public.   Most of us know the drill pretty well by this time--speaking of which, we should expect to be doing our marching demonstration first thing after opening, so please come early.  More details next month, but do let the Commander know if you hope to attend.

       We actually have one event on the schedule before MTT, namely an appearance at Cold Wars, the Historical Miniature Gamers Society convention in Lancaster, PA  on March 18-19 ( ).   Those who attended the miniatures con this past August will remember the comparative luxury of an indoor event!  I will firm up the details and pass them along, though the convention website has maps, directions, schedules, and much more.  This is another good opportunity to drag out your earlier or later Roman impressions.  Lancaster is about a two-hour drive north of the DC area, so presumably most of us will go for only one day, but hopefully we'll have a small contingent there both days.

       The Legion has been invited to set up camp at the Pennsylvania Junior Classical League State Convention on May 20, 2006.  This will be held at Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, and it is a one-day event.  Since this is roughly a 4-hour drive from the DC area, they are providing dormitory space for us for Friday and Saturday nights, if necessary.   That way we could easily be set up by 9 AM when the program starts.  This convention is attended by over 600 high school Latin students, all of whom will naturally be more interested in Classical history and more motivated than the average high school audience.  So it should be a very rewarding event.  I will be getting directions and more details soon, but I will NOT be able to attend myself.  Anyone else want to play coordinator for the weekend?

       And ROMAN DAYS is on the way, June 3-4.  It is not too soon to be thinking about it!  Marietta Mansion is the place, and all the Romans in the world are invited.  I'm working on another Greek hoplite or two, as well!


A.D. 43, Lafe, Arkansas
       Join either the victorious Roman Army or the soon to be conquered Pictish/Celtic Barbarians at BRITAIN A.D. 43 On March 23, 24, 25 and 26th for a weekend of Ancient Reenacting. The site opens at 12 NOON on March 23rd and is located in LAFE, ARKANSAS on 94 acres of private land. There are several ponds, woods, fields, and many places for Celts and courageous Romans to interact in meaningful and constructive ways.
       Legio XX has not so far attended this event as a unit, but members are certainly encouraged to participate if they like.  For details, rules, and fees, please contact Mark Saddler, Msaddler AT cox-internet DOT com,

       Keith Egan of the South Jersey AIDS Alliance is looking for Romans to march in their fundraising walk in Atlantic City.  Unfortunately, this is scheduled for the first weekend in June, the same time as Roman Days, but I said I would help spread the word in case anyone in that general area was not able to attend Roman Days but was interested in a good cause.  Sounds like they're even willing to pay!   For more information, contact Mr. Egan at  609---,  kcegan2 AT yahoo DOT com,


       From Hans-Joachim Ratzke in Germany, a link to a Hungarian gladiator site with lots of amusing photos and movies to download,

   February 18, 2006 --Lupercalia Party, Richard and Allison Campell's house
   March 17-19 --Tentative invitation to Historical Miniature Gamers Society convention in Lancaster, PA ( )
   April 22-23--Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD
   May 20 --PA Junior Classical League Convention, PSU


ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, supposedly published on the Ides of each month.  I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter,