Vol. XVIII, no. i, January 2008


    The annual Lupercalia party will be on Saturday, February 16 at Richard and Allison Campbell's house.  We usually say 5pm until whenever, but you can also show up early for a makeshift Fabrica.  Classical or Romanesque attire is encouraged, but hobnails are not!  More details later, and you are all welcome to bring something food-wise, but mainly we need to get an idea for who's attending-- richsc AT usa DOT net .  If you need to stay the night, please let us know as we have at least one queen size bed available.  This is the Party To Not Miss.


    Marching Through Time is still at Marietta Mansion this year (and hopefully for many years to come!).  The date is April 19-20, with set-up on Friday the 18th along with school groups probably visiting.  Once again your Beloved Commander is deserting you for the Bronze Age, so you'll have to put up with Richard coordinating.  IF that's okay with everyone!    Please let him know your plans, richsc AT usa DOT net .

    For those who have not been to this event, it is a multi-period encampment with about 30 different groups spanning four thousand years of history.  It is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday, though participants should try to be there at least an hour before opening.  Generally, parking is off-site with shuttle vans, and all cars must be out of the encampment area by about 9:30 AM on Saturday.  No cars are allowed back in until after 5 on Sunday.  There is an optional barbecue on Saturday evening for a few bucks per person, and money will be needed in advance.

    Remember that if you do not have all the clothing and gear you need, you will probably be able to borrow it if you let us know ahead of time.

AMY HIGH EVENT, by Richard Campbell

    The Amy High scholarship day is Saturday, May 10, and the event leader, Susan Schultze, has asked for Romans to participate.  Asellina will be there with the caupona, and I will.  Several of you will remember last year as being somewhat unplanned from an organizer's standpoint, but Susan has replaced the fellow who was doing that, and she is a dynamo and a meticulous planner.  As organizer, she thinks the Roman contingent for this Latin scholarship is key, and she's also inviting Latin high school classes to participate.  More details to follow.  The event is a 501c3, meaning anything you do to participate is tax deductible, including $0.47/mile gas.  Susan would dearly love to have some Roman artillery there, but I don't have one in my back pocket, so suggestions welcome.  Let me know what you think about this.  Susan will be at Lupercalia to talk about her plans for the event.  She'd like to have Celts and Roman civilians in addition to military.


    The next Roman Days will be on the weekend of September 26-28, 2008 (not June!), in Northern Virginia.  Richard and Deb have been working in concert with the Fairfax County Latin Teachers Association, whose members are very enthusiastic about helping out with a site, funding, and more.   The discussion is on the Roman Days list,

BATTLE FILMING from Robert Wear, Legio V Alaudae

Dear Legion Commanders,

    I’ve started working out the logistics for a massive battle film at my farm in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  I’m tentatively looking at the first weekend in June 2008 as possible dates. Roman Days used to be during that time, but is now becoming a fall event.
    This is still in the super early planning stages but everyone in the group is more excited about it than any other event idea we’ve done, so we’re going to do it.  It’s just a matter of dates now.  If we were to plan for JUNE 6-8, would we be causing problems with any other roman events in the works that you know of?
    Right now, the plan is to stay almost completely devoid of plot – just take an entire day (or two if possible) and make a friggin awesome battle scene (around 10 minutes).  Then in the following months later when we don’t need a cast of 80, we’ll worry about filling in the lead ups to the battle.  We’ve actually made lots of these in the past so I’m supremely confident I can get a great battle scene, especially now that I have actual training in production, access to good technology, and people who know how to use it.
    Our first one back in 2002 in high school we had 23 people at the high point of the film day.  Now we have more gear, know more folks, and I still have contact info on the 50 people who came to the last 4 we had and want to come again.  I think if we could get some reenactors from other groups down here, 80 or more is a perfectly possible number of extras (and would be great fun to be fighting in the midst of).
    It's also during the summer break in a tourist town.  So it would be easy to bring the whole family down.  If they don’t like roman stuff, they can go to Dollywoods or the National Park etc.

Robert Wear
rwear AT utk DOT edu

   February 2-- Groundhog Day!  Oh, and presumably the Monthly Workshop.
   February 16-- Lupercalia party at Richard and Allison's
   April 19-20-- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD
   May 10-- Amy High Scholarship event, bigger than last year.

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