Vol. XXI, no. xi-xii, November/December 2011


    Legio IX Hispana joined us at the Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond on November 20-21, and it was AMAZING.  Nearly 2000 exuberant high school Latin students.  We talked a LOT.  Yours Truly gave a keynote address which would make Lincoln jealous.  Our lovely hosts not only paid for hotel rooms and meals, they also dropped an embarrassingly large check on us for travel expenses!  Suffice it to say that we will certainly do this again next year, assuming we are invited back.  

        An Extra Special Thank You to Richard Campbell for running things on our end, and to all the excellent folks of the VJCL for an outstanding event!


    Marching Through Time will be on April 21-22, 2012.  Note--that's the Anniversary of the Founding of Rome!  Got a little time to knock the rust off the old lorica, eh?


    The Legion will return to Riversdale House Museum for Roman Days on June 9-10, 2012.  Obviously the entire ancient world is invited! 


    Our comrades in Legio IX Hispana will be participating at one of our old regular events, Military Through The Ages at Jamestown Settlement, in March.  They'd love to have us join them there.  It's certainly a good-sized event, with plenty of public and a neat site to play on.  Let me know if you're interested!


ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion.  I'm afraid we can not expect it to be any more frequent in 2012 than it was in 2011--life happens!  I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter, matthew_amt AT yahoo DOT com,