Vol. XVII, no. xi, November 2007

REENACTOR FEST, Gettysburg, PA 11/30/07 to 12/2/07

Reenactor Fest is an indoor convention for all reenacting time periods, from the Roman Empire through Vietnam.  Guests are encouraged to attend in period dress!  The 3 day celebration features hundreds of quality vendor tables, LIVE demonstrations of historical military & cultural activities every day, interesting seminars and lectures on a myriad of topics, a Reenactor's Ball, plus music, food and there is ALWAYS a party going on after the sun goes down!

Reenactor Fest is thrilled to be adding another convention date to our calendar in historic Gettysburg!  When you think of historical reenacting, few locations spring to mind as quickly as Gettysburg.  The town and historic battlefields cater to reenactors and history buffs, and the Eisenhower hotel is right there in Gettysburg itself... mere minutes from the fields where the din of battle changed our Nation forever.  You'll love your time at the convention, too!  The vendor hall, seminars, live music and demonstrations, the Grand Ball, nightly parties, and the electricity in the air that only happens when you bring so many great reenactors together in one spot!

Check it out at:
We also have a Reenactor Fest board at the reenactor.Net forums:
    Quintus notes:  I’ll be doing demos of my Bronze Age gear on both Saturday and Sunday, but the Legion should note that George Metz of Legio XXIV is planning to lead a Roman display and demonstration.  If you'd like to go in with him to get free admission, contact him at legioxxiv AT comcast DOT net.   If you are not involved in a demo or seminar of some sort, admission is $15 for one day, $20 for two days, or $25 for all three days.   Rooms are available at the "Eisenhower Two" for $87 per night.  You don't *have* to wear historical clothing, of course, but it's certainly a great opportunity to get seen in something unusual, eh?


    Please let Quintus know RIGHT AWAY if you plan to participate at either of the Christmas shows!  Grab your calendar and hit "Reply"!  The hosts need to know.

    Parkwood Baptist Church in Annandale would love to have three Roman soldiers for their Bethlehem show on December 8-9.  The hours are 4 to 8 PM both days, and the address is 8726 Braddock Road.  Please contact Sam Roberts at 703-405-7967 or dsmdzn AT msn DOT com if you would like to participate.   

    Inevitably, that's the same weekend as the start of the Walk Through Bethlehem at the Seventh Day Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.  That runs five nights, December 8, 9, 13, 15, and 16 (two weekends and Thursday), starting about 6 PM and going to 9:30 or so.  The Seventh-Day Adventist Headquarters is located in Silver Spring, MD (north of White Oak) at the intersection of Rt. 29 Columbia Pike/Colesville Rd. and Randolph Rd./Cherry Hill Rd.  From I-495 the Capital Beltway take Exit 30 onto Rt. 29 North towards White Oak and Columbia.  Go about 4 miles and take the exit ramp for Randolph/Cherry Hill Rd., and turn left at the light onto Randolph Road.  Then turn left at the light onto Old Columbia Pike, and the next left into the parking lot.  Our contact for this is Tanya Holland, HollandT AT gc.adventist DOT org, 301-680-6610.

    Looks like we'll have to split our forces again!  If one of you folks over on the Virginia side could please coordinate for the Parkwood show, I'll take charge of the Adventist show.  Everyone who is available should pick whatever days they can make and let Quintus know.  For the new folks, these Christmas shows are FUN, though they are not at all like our usual living history events.  We stay in character and work with the skits and ongoing story-telling done by the other participants, building the whole Christmas spirit.  We also serve as real crowd control, directing groups of visitors through the display at timed intervals.   Try to recruit the kids, harass the shopkeepers, and threaten the old ladies.  We always have a great time, and the locals really appreciate our presence.

    Both shows are indoors, so no winter clothing is really necessary--regular tunics and caligae will do.  Most of us drive to the site in modern clothing because it's WINTER, and change before showtime.  Be SURE to get there early enough to be in armor and at your post before the public is admitted!  The Adventist show is carpeted, but if you are on tiled floors, it's a good idea to put cover your hobnails with tape for traction.  I use brown book tape and usually find that taping over one sole is enough, leaving the other exposed for display if needed.  No pila!!  They just don't mix nicely with crowds.  You may wear your helmet crest, and you can sling your satchel (for wallet and keys) if you like.  You can also aim your gear at "1 AD" if you like, i.e., hamata, Coolus helmet, Mainz gladius, etc., but regular Imperial gear is fine if that's all you have.


    With Reenactor Fest, the Christmas shows, and the usual holiday busy-ness, it might be hard to schedule a regular December or January workshop!  But anyone who would like to host one, pick whatever day you want and I'll spread the word.  


    Due to a change in management following Susan Wolfe's retirement, it looks like we may be losing the use of Marietta Mansion, at least for Roman Days.  So there will be some CHANGES.  The next Roman Days will probably be the last weekend in September, 2008 (not June), at a park in Northern Virginia.  Richard and Deb have been working in concert with the Fairfax County Latin Teachers Association, whose members are very enthusiastic about helping out with a site, funding, and more.   The discussion is on the Roman Days list,


    Sylvia Shults wants to let us know that her latest book is out.  "Timeless Embrace is a trilogy of romance novellas, all centering on the theme of the three ancient cultures, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  One of the stories, 'Through A Mirror Brightly', is about a love triangle between an American woman, an Italian archaeologist, and the ghost of a Roman surgeon.  There is information about the book, and a sneak preview, at my website,"  Reviews can be seen here:


   November 30 - December 2 --Reenactor Fest III in Gettysburg, PA (Not an official Legio XX event, but let's help push it, anyway!)
   December 8-9--Bethlehem Christmas show at Parkwood Baptist Church
   December 8, 9, 13, 15, and 16--Walk Through Bethlehem, Seventh Day Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD
   February 16-- Lupercalia party at Richard and Allison's

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