Vol. XX, no. xi, November 2010


    To start off with, Thanks very much to Latin teacher Chris Anne Matteo for hosting the last workshop.  It was as much demo as fabrica, with other teachers and students gathering to watch as we tried out the surveying instruments (groma and dioptra) that Richard and Dan have been working on.  It was great to meet everyone, and thanks to everyone who was there!  (Including the fire department.  No kidding.)


    This is the "off year" for the Walk Through Bethlehem at the Adventist Headquarters, and the Bethlehem Market Place at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Silver Spring is not being held due to renovations.  But Romans *are* needed at Parkwood Baptist Church in Annandale, VA, on December 11-12.  Public hours are from 4 to 8 PM (be there about 3 to get ready!), and they promise food and child care.  Contact Sam Roberts at samrobertsiii AT cox DOT net, or 703-462-0042.  

    Remember, if you are new to this and want to participate but do not have all your gear, don't worry!  Just let me know what event you plan to attend, and what clothing or equipment you need, and we can arrange to loan you stuff.  Come on out!!


    We went to this cultural event in Fredericksburg last year and had a good time.  They attract school kids (and adults!) from all over the area, and will be making a special effort to get Latin students this year.  The date is Saturday March 5, from 11 AM to 4 PM, and the location is Riverbend High School (different site from last year but not far away).  It's an indoor event, so no weather worries or tent, and there will be lots of visitors.  


    The Legion is now the proud owner of a lorica hamata (mailshirt).  It was purchased with unit funds from Robb Jackson on the Roman Army Talk board, for an excellent price.   It is properly constructed of alternating rows of solid and riveted rings, and has a decent leather edging and brass hooks for fastening the shoulder flaps.   This will be available for anyone who wants to wear it, though of course I was thinking mainly of folks who don't have their own armor yet.  In fact, Richard already wore it at our last workshop!  It's a good idea to LET ME KNOW if you want to borrow it at an event, so that I make sure to bring it along!  I may whip up a simple subarmalis to wear under it, cuz it's pretty dirty at the moment.
    Years ago we got a batch of brass domes made at a metal spinning shop, to use for making cheap helmets.  Now and then I still get an inquiry about that, so here is another possible source for spun helmet domes:

Almost Metal Spinning
4011 York Road Number 1
Manchester, MD 21102-2141
(Baltimore area)



    This is the annual non-public immersion event at Legio II Augusta's reconstructed fort at Lafe, Arkansas.  The date for 2011 is March 17-20, and more details can be found at their website,

   December 11-12 --Christmas show at Parkwood Baptist Church, Annandale, VA
   March 5, 2011 --Culture a la Carte, Riverbend HS, Fredericksburg, VA
   April 2011 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion.  I could swear I had a date for this…
   May 14-15 --Roman Days, Riversdale Mansion, Riverdale, MD
   August --Possible time-line event in Philadelphia, PA


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