Vol. XII, no. xii, December 2002

       The latest issue of Archaeology magazine, January-February 2003, features Legio XX in the Field Notes on the last page.   There is a photograph of four of us at Fort Washington, Mike Cope, Ron Kenat, Richard Campbell, and myself.  The accompanying text was written by me with a good bit of input and doctoring by the editors, but it's not bad in any case.  The Legion is very grateful to the editors and staff of Archaeology, particularly Jarrett Lobell, for inviting us to appear in their highly respected publication, and frankly we're all thrilled.  Read it today!

       No fewer than seven of our troops participated on the various nights of the Walk Through Bethlehem display at the Seventh Day Adventist World Headquarters.  One evening was cancelled due to snow, but otherwise great success in oppressing the provincials was reported.  We may even get a recruit out of it, the son of the tax collector, who has evolved through the years from street urchin to carpenter to fully armored Roman legionary!
       As you read this, a few of us will be doing a similar thing at the Bethlehem Market Place, held every other year at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Silver Spring.  Busy season!

       From Richard and Allison Campbell:  We'll be hosting Lupercalia February 22, 2003, which is a Saturday. We have a spare bedroom, and one full size pull out sofa (Merlinia has already claimed one bedroom), if you need to sleep over. 703---.

       Fred Schaller of Legio I Italica in Atlanta, Georgia, is working with the town of Rome, Georgia on a major festival to be held May 3, 2003.  His unit and any other Romans would be the centerpiece.  He needs feedback from potential participants as soon as possible.

   January 4, 2003 -- (Presumably) the Monthly Workshop at Domus Moskii
   February 1 -- Monthly Workshop at Roger Moskey's
   February 22 -- LupercaliaParty at Richard and Allison Campbell's house
   March 1 -- Monthly Workshop, yada yada…
   March 16 (tentative?) -- University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia re-opening its Mediterranean World section, Legion will be on display

Directions to the monthly workshops/musters at Roger Moskey's house:
       From I-495 Capital Beltway, take Exit 12 B Route 267 Toll Road West towards Dulles Airport.  After paying toll (50 cents), take the first exit--Exit 16 Route 7 Leesburg Pike West for about 11 miles.  Go past Cascades Parkway, and at the next light take a right onto PALISADES Parkway, then an immediate left onto "Triple 7" (Route 777).  Pass Calvary Temple on right, take the next right onto Regina Drive; follow it to the end and take a right onto Markwood Drive.   At stop sign take a left onto Terrie Drive (culdesac).  #304 is just to the right of the middle.  (Actually, I've been taking VA Rt. 193 Georgetown Pike from the Beltway, through Great Falls and up to Rt. 7.  Cuts off some of the Beltway, the toll, and much of awful Rt. 7.)

 A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!  (And Saturnalia and all that other stuff!)

       Sorry for the repeated brevity of the News Rag, but like I said it's been a busy season and my attention has been claimed by Other Things.   (Go ahead, ask if you dare!)  As usual if YOU want a bigger Adlocvtio, YOU can write something for it!  Aftert-action reports would be particularly helpful, and would give folks a view of our antics through a different set of eyes.  Travel reports, book reviews, general philosophy, all naturally subject to my rejection, uh, approval.  Right?  Write!

ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, supposedly published on the Ides of each month.  I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter,   Valete!