Vol. XX, no. xii, December 2010


    We went to this cultural event in Fredericksburg last year and had a good time.  They attract school kids (and adults!) from all over the area, and will be making a special effort to get Latin students this year.  The date is Saturday March 5, from 11 AM to 4 PM, and the location is Riverbend High School (different site from last year but not far away).  It's an indoor event, so no weather worries or tent, and there will be lots of visitors.  



    This is the annual non-public immersion event at Legio II Augusta's reconstructed fort at Lafe, Arkansas.  The date for 2011 is March 17-20, and more details can be found at their website,

    Gruppo Storico Romano is hosting an event to celebrate the founding of Rome, taking place in Rome itself.  (The one in Italy!)  It will run from Saturday April 16 through Thursday April 21, 2011.  If you are interested in this, you must register by March 5.  Details and registration form can be found online:

The contact is Sergio Iacomoni, info AT gsr-roma DOT com.


    Yeah, I know, this issue probably sets a record for "late"!  Not even published in the right *year*…  Sorry, folks, been busy with other things:

I was thinking to aim the  ornaments at the steampunk crowd, but my co-workers have actually bought a bunch!  So I figured a little spamming of other audiences was in order.  More ornaments and sculptures will be showing up there for months to come.  I haven't given up on historical activities, mind you!  I'm just not *making* much in the way of historical stuff.  And you don't HAVE to buy any of these wonderful things, of course!  I'm sure I'll find some other way to pay for groceries…   Enjoy!

   March 5, 2011 --Culture a la Carte, Riverbend HS, Fredericksburg, VA
   April 2011 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion.  I could swear I had a date for this…
   May 14-15 --Roman Days, Riversdale Mansion, Riverdale, MD
   August --Possible time-line event in Philadelphia, PA
   September --Possible event at Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, VA


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